Bespoke Herbarium Bottle

Bespoke Herbarium Bottle

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Handcrafted by our florists. We will select the most suitable blooms, based on your choices to create a bespoke herbarium bottle that will put a smile on your recipient's face. Simply let us know your preference and leave the rest to us. 

| Sizes |

Small (125ml): 10Hx6Dcm
Regular (250ml): 14Hx7Dcm
Jumbo (500ml): 15x8.5Dcm

Please note that each of our products is unique and slightly different.  

The herbarium bottle can be kept for 1-3 years. Avoid keeping in high moisture areas or contact with direct sunlight to prevent discoloration or fading. Please store between 15-30°C. Keep away from heat and sources of ignition.

*If the product is exposed to direct sunlight with high temperature for a long time,

- The color of flowers & leaves can be faded.
- The oil can be leaked out.